handspun snail hat the second

yay! my second snail hat for the snail-along.

handspun snail hat the second

this yarn – PA bfl farm wool that sat around in the shop too long
size 13 needles
i might still block it a bit.

handspun snail hat the second

i’m going to have to stop knitting these now, before i use up all the handspun that’s supposed to be for sale ;) but i must say i’m really been having fun seeing everyone’s knits.  they’re so fun and silly.  threads in ravelry here and here if you’d like to see some finished objects.

AND the winner of the skein of handspun is… (via random number generator) number 9, which is Sarah/sarsbar. congrats sarah!  i’ll be in touch.

5 thoughts on “handspun snail hat the second

  1. Loverly Dear! I esp love that soft color combo!! way too fun!!
    can I ask how many yards did you need for the hat?? I want to see if I have one with enough yardage to make one too! thanks!!hugs Linda

  2. Awesome snail hat! This one is my favorite! I’ve been thinking of making myself a brown-ish one… Maybe with some yarn from your store ;)

    I’ve got all this yarn from Shaeffer that I got in payment for tech editing, but I’m saving it for sweaters and shawls. This hat demands handspun!

  3. That hat is wonderful! I just love wool. Every time I see wool yarn or knit items I just want to pick them up, bury my face in them, and just take in the smell of all their wooly goodness. If only I could reach into my computer screen right now………..did I just say all this out loud;)

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