and then there were two…

you all know about my handspun EZ snail hat. well, now there’s another fabulous snail hat in the blogosphere.

here at Knithound Brooklyn.

which makes me want a whole legion of handspun snails.  can you imagine how happy a place the internet (and real world) would be if only there were a bunch of these around?

enter the knit-a-long.  a handspun EZ knit along.  if you’d like to join the snail maddness, there’s a thread in ravelry here. and we don’t necessarily require you to use handspun ;)

EDIT: and then there were two threads!  also the July hat-a-long in the Hats! Hats! Hats! group.  thanks janknit :)

handspun spiral hat

p.s. join and talk about it by blogging, tweeting, mentioning it in a forum, or inviting others to join and i’ll enter you in a drawing for a skein of my handspun! be sure to come back to this thread and comment to be entered.  you have until tuesday the 7th at 5 pm eastern time.

16 thoughts on “and then there were two…

  1. i was just ogling lisa’s version over at knithound. that pink cvm might be perfect for this. (as if that weren’t enough, the thought of winning a skein of your handspun might make me cast on just about anything!)

  2. EZ’s snail hat is also in “The Opinionated Knitter” around page 94-96. I am very excited and will be knitting along in my own handspun. I also RT’ed your tweet about this contest/knitalong.

  3. hi Cosy – I posted to my blog a few minutes ago. I figure I’ll do some updates, too. This is so cool!

  4. Great idea – EZ and handspun!
    Just posted over on the Zimmermaniacs discussion group on Ravelry. Can’t believe that there wasn’t a thread there already. :)

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