places and spaces

ben and i are moving (10 blocks away) at the end of the month, so this weeks update theme is places i/we have lived.

spaces and places update
1. vancouver, 2. speedway, 3. orange street, 4. trinity, 5. university ave., 6. sherbrooke, 7. east missoula, 8. east spruce, 9. jardine court

going up in the shop today.  four skeins of this update are worstedish weight recycled sweater wools in 3-4 oz amounts… perfect for accessory projects!

p.s. and i almost forgot to share – here’s my newest newsletter too.

1 thought on “places and spaces

  1. Gorgeous yarns and rovings as usual! Good luck on your move- its way easier to move across town (or down the road) than across the country- as I’m sure you know! Our last move was about 1.5 miles away.. but I think we’re getting close to having moved about 10 times or more in the last 11 years. *sigh*

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