handspun snail hat

we are knitting this Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern for a little knit-a-long at the knitting group that meets at my yoga studio – and oops!  i already knit mine.  guess i’ll have to knit another.

handspun spiral hat

size 13 needles

this handspun falkland yarn (stolen from the shop – there are still 2 more skeins if you want to make one of your own)


the 3 spiral variation done in 2 days. i had a very very hard time stopping knitting… handspun is addictive and this hat is super fun and bulky quick.  we all know how fond i am of hats ;)  i’m planning to wear this one with my bright red coat.

handspun spiral hat

raveled here with more pictures!

7 thoughts on “handspun snail hat

  1. Love it! Wow, the colours are great and the yarn is perfectly suited to the hat. I really need to get my hands on an EZ book, must check the library :)

  2. Love it, Cozy! I started my second with smaller needles an more concentrated tension. Thank you for posting. See you at Yoga Matrika :)

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