the little things

so tell me friends… do you get an email when i just hit reply in the comments?  if so, i may start replying to people there so others can see the responses.  and i feel a bit silly for not knowing it before ;)

the garden
garden 2009

next… there’s a chance to win a copy of the book over here at the fabulous Handmade in PA website.

and sorry for the lack of content as of late. ben and i went camping, i’m working on the project i have to do to fulfill my SOAR scholarship, and my MIL comes on Sunday.  oh.  and we’re moving at the end of july… only 10 blocks, but moving none-the-less.  summer appears to be a bit chaotic and busy!  ah well.  add to that sunshine and local food and i’m a happy camper, but the blog is a bit neglected.  also, i  might have needed a respite after that crazy dyeing series i did where i was blogging every day!

the purple bush beans

so.  things to look forward to.  3 patterns in the works.  lots of spinning… an attempt to make a kit for the next craft fair (july 10-12).  plans to apply to renegade chicago (yikes!).  and maybe, if i ever remember the camera, some pics of our summer fun.  and tomorrow, and each and every wednesday – a shop update :)

p.s. and don’t forget the book knits are up for trade/sale to you exclusively until the next craft fair.

the one zucchini plantit’s intentional that there’s only one

3 thoughts on “the little things

  1. It sounds like you’re a very busy lady! Can’t wait to see the new patterns. Also, if you need a place to crash on your way to Chicago you’re welcome in Kalamazoo!

  2. I don’t think people get replies when you reply in the comments. What I’ve been doing, when I reply to people, is sending the reply both to the address the comment notification came from and to the person’s email address, which results in a copy of my reply being posted as a reply to their comment, but they still get a copy of the email in case they don’t check back at the blog.

  3. usually when i check the “notify me of follow-up comments” box, i get all of the comments via email, though i can’t recall if this includes replies.

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