caps for sale

the semi-precious book knits have been laying around for a year now. some have landed themselves on the heads of good friends and family, but there are many still without homes.

book knits - going going gone.

1. silky smoke ring, 2. snow princess hat, 3. back alley hat aka the knapweed hat, 4. mountain sunset inside out hat, 5. twirly girl bonnet, 6. popsicle mittens, 7. fruit punch headband, 8. night sky wristers, 9. biker hat, 10. nautical nellie, 11. little flower top hat, 12. wood and water hat, 13. flapper eyelet headband, 14. daisy helmet hat, 15. berry bramble hat, 16. apple on the tree hat

so before i go and do something rash, like sell them at the craft fair booth, i thought i’d give them one last chance to get into loving hands that are closer to me.

all items shown are up for either trade or sale (at my normal prices) to you, my dear blog readers. below is a rundown of my general pricing. what to trade? well. i love all things handmade – from soap to bags and from aprons to silk screened t-shirts. otherwise, i also love all things fibery :)  i also like a lot of other things, so feel free to offer.

adult hats $50-65
hats for those under 4 years of age $30-40
headbands $15
smoke ring/cowl $45

you can send me an offer or your questions at cosymakes (at) gmail (dot) com.



popsicle mittens, berry bramble hat, knapweed hat, night sky wristers

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