camping update

going up in the shop… things i don’t want to forget when we head out this afternoon!  nothing ships until friday or saturday this week.

camping update
1. subtle stripes corriedale 1, 2. sunscreen handspun corriedale, 3. marshmellows cvm top, 4. flash light subtle stripes corriedale, 5. subtle stripes corriedale 3, 6. bathing suit subtle stripes corriedale, 7. bug spray cvm top, 8. scrabble handspun corriedale, 9. subtle stripes corriedale 2

mostly corriedale (from my maryland sheep and wool corriedale lady) this week with a couple of stray CVMs thrown in.   i was pretty excited to see the most recent spin off has a nice article on the CVM sheep in it!  also note that there are some subtle stripes kits as well as two subtle stripes yarns.

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