world wide knit in public day!

hi everyone! this coming saturday is world wide knit in public day, so i thought i’d give a shout out for the pittsburgh event i’m attending.

When: June 13th, 2-5
Where: Schenley Plaza.
all the information you need about this event can be found here.

me knitting in public in my graduate school atrium in 2006
adria pic

at the wwkip day website, you can find events in your area. if you don’t like the crowds, you and your best friend can make their own event and go knit in your local park or coffee shop… the point is really just to be out there doing it!  last year i couldn’t make the organized event and hung out in the 61C cafe for a couple of hours.

hope to see some of you there!

5 thoughts on “world wide knit in public day!

  1. I’ll be on my way to a wedding this weekend and I’m definitely going to bring knitting along. It’ll be two states worth of knitting in public. :)

  2. Almost every day is a KIP day for me :)

    Love your sweater.. did you knit that?! I’m plotting something complexish in that vein of things with some lovely cones of yarn I have recently been gifted…

    .. and I’ve recently aquired a friend who is lusting after the book collection you gave me (Make It Yourself, I think).. so I have another home for them when I get tired of ’em!

    • ha! it was for me too when i lived in van… that bus knitting. loved that.

      i did not knit my sweater. eddie bauer from over 10 years ago, inherited from a friend.

  3. YAY! Thanks for the reminder. I organized the one at Schenley Plaza last year – hope the weather is better this time around. I’ll try to make it. :)

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