new batch of handspun

to go along with the batch of 3 grain muffins i made this morning :) thought i should snap some shots of these before the market tomorrow, cause you never know!

bfl, falkland, shetland, corriedale, cvm – click on the links below to see more!
bfl, falkland, shetland, corriedale, cvm

spinning all of this personality filled farm wool has me thinking about the different qualities of wool. so i got out my copy of in sheep’s clothing* and checked into how they all compare.

cvm – fine wool – elasticity and loft – softness – not much luster

corriedale – fine wool – felting – softness – not much luster

in fact, the fine wools rarely have much luster. corriedale is one of the breeds in this category with the most luster. the dominant characteristics here are softness, elasticity and loft, and felting properties.

shetland – downy wool – elasticity and loft – not much luster and not very good for felting

downy wools main driving force is elasticity and loft. shetland is actually one of the softer of the downy wools.

bfl – long wool – softness – luster – less feltable and less elasticity and loft

long wools, in general, are known for their luster. they vary greatly on felting properties, elasticity and loft, and softness.

not in the book! here are my thoughts – soft like the fine wools, but with more luster than most fine wools. also, a nice amount of loft, but not as much as the corriedale and cvm.

*if you’re a spinner, you should buy this book! one of my faves and so very handy to know what you’re spinning, what that particular fiber is good for,  what to look for in fleeces, how to hand card, and so many other things!

1 thought on “new batch of handspun

  1. I LOVE that falkland colorway!!! BIG TIME! I want to make gender neutral baby things out of it (because I am still not finding out) although by the time I spun it up and knit something I would have the babe in my hands! I’d love to see what that roving looked like before you spun it… speaking of babies… how are you feeling!?

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