love you madly update

ben and i took a mini road trip to rogers ohio last friday to meet up with gwen and browse around. the names in this update have something to do with that roadtrip.

love you madly update
1. opera singer, 2. no phone, 3. walk on by, 4. mexico, 5. symphony in c, 6. you turn the screws, 7. short skirt/long jacket, 8. pretty pink ribbon, 9. hem of your garment, 10. never there, 11. love you madly, 12. she’ll hang the baskets, 13. satan is my motor, 14. goats go to hell, 15. sheep go to heaven, 16. carbon monoxide

first to make the connection and note the correct answer in the comments gets 10% off and free shipping on one item in the shop!

7 thoughts on “love you madly update

    • yep! and the ‘coupon’ is yours :) you can use it at any time and it never expires.

      for the rest of you, it’s the band we listened to on the way to rogers.

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