review of greener shades

i love them.


greener shades dyes review

yellow. i am not usually one to love yellow, but the yellow in this dye set is wonderful, strong, and gives a good vibrant color. my only issue here is that sometimes it is hard to exhaust.  this early in the game, i’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that this could also be due to user error.

reds. the reds are lovely, exhaust well and give very bright colors.  i like these especially when mixed with a bit of another color.  it seems to give them more depth.

blues. i love the river blue and the browns i can get with it as the base. in my opinion, the aqua leaves something to be desired. it doesn’t exhaust well and the color quality is not up there with the others.  the metal content of the aqua is also higher than the other dyes.  they’re trying to decide if they want to keep it in the line or not.

black. very nice.

i’m very pleased that i’ve been able to attain vibrant beautiful colors of all sorts with these dyes.  the pastels and the dark colors i’ve dyed have also been great.  now that i’ve been able to get all sorts of tones and tints, it’s up to me to make my dyeing with these dyes more nuanced.

as a set, these dyes truly work very well together.  i also love that i can tell that they are higher quality than the other dyes i’ve used. they never ‘break’ and my color never comes out a completely different color than i thought it would (except by user error ;). i also like and appreciate that this particular line was developed with a focus on being heavy metal free and that by using them i am also supporting a small family run business. i emailed still river mill and here’s some of what they had to say about their product:

The most important low impact with these dyes is that the effluent from the manufacturing process is not hazardous waste. There are thousands of pounds of these dyes made yearly… The manufacturing must be as clean as possible. Another huge benefit is you are not putting heavy metals on your clothes or in the ground when using the dyes yourself.

we need more of this way of thinking and i’m happy to support it and plan to continue to use this product.

6 thoughts on “review of greener shades

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I am looking into buying some of these for my yarn and was wondering what other people thought of them…

  2. Cosy, thanks so much for sharing this info and your experiences, they sound like a great company and I have been really enjoying your photos & the brilliant colors.

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  4. Hello from France :)
    I use Greener shades to dye merino/silk or baby alpaca yarns. I succeed with pastel colors, but I have difficulties with stronger colors wich runs into the others (they fade) when I wash my creations. It is a big problem because I like knit stripes!
    I do exactly what Greener shades recommand, so I don’t understand. Do you have an advice for me?
    Best regards,

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