how my garden grows update

see previous post for a bit about what cvm wool is.

how my garden grows update
1. love, 2. wild rose, 3. impatiens, 4. yam, 5. potato, 6. sunshine, 7. pear tomato, 8. carrots, 9. peas, 10. asparagus, 11. water, 12. forget-me-not, 13. eggplant, 14. iris, 15. berries, 16. dirt

we planted our garden this week! and these lovelies are going up in the shop some time today.

p.s. i must say that i’m all about amusing myself… seriously? a colorway called potato? ;)

5 thoughts on “how my garden grows update

  1. seriously girl! what bandit comes and buys all of the fibers that I would in just a few short hours of me doing other things!!! way to GO! love the ways… interested in what you are thinking about the green dyes. are these them? the colors seem rich! I was loving the peas. still need to post a pic of my latest creation from your colors. thank you thank you!

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