cvm and farm wool

i talked a little bit about farm wool here, and now, a bit more.

cvm farm wool

i have been asked several times lately what farm wool is… and in its simplest form farm wool is close to the farm, meaning that the individual farm sends the wool from their flock (either individual sheep or the flock together) off to have it processed at a small mill to be made into yarn or roving. on the whole, small mills do not carbonize the wool. this allows the wool to maintain a hand closer to you buying the fleece and scouring it yourself. often farm wools maintain some lanolin (and a wee bit of vegetable matter which i find charming).

i like that by buying from these farms, i am supporting both a small spinning/carding mill in the united states and a family farm.  i also like spinning farm wool and find that it has more charm and character than commercial roving.  and it’s better for the environment.  good good good all around.   alright… end soap box ;)

cvm (california variegated mutant) wool is a lofty, soft fine wool.  it is not slippery, but has a staple on the shorter side.  a good word to describe it might be rustic.

cvm farm wool

i couldn’t resist immediately spinning yellows! this is 2 different colors mixed.
cvm farm wool

the cvm is a scarce american sheep breed that’s story can be read here. tomorrow’s update is going to be mostly cvm top from a farm in ohio. i dyed over tan and white in 2 oz batches so that people can just sample a bit if they want to. if you’d like 4 oz, you can either mix and match colorways or purchase a colorway with 2 2 oz bundles.

a mixed match
cvm farm wool

i thought i might buy some fleece at the fiber show last weekend, but instead i collected cards of farms i might be interested in purchasing from and bought (betcha can’t guess…) more farm wool roving.  if i like them, i’ll order more from the farms.  i got some really interesting blends of fibers that i’m excited to spin and share with you.

2 thoughts on “cvm and farm wool

  1. That was a really interesting post, I wasn’t sure what cvm was and it looks like a really nice wool to spin.

    The last roving pic (green and white and pale pink) is soooo pretty :)

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