please pass the wool

the roommates are gone for the week, which means i take over the house (and the porch) for dyeing!

and some drying

i did almost 2 lbs of tan cvm last week and yesterday i dyed 5 lbs of white cvm

the tan cvm – done in crock pots
cvm... mmm

left to do? 5 lbs of cindy’s super soft lovely shetland, 3 lbs of corriedale, and 3 more lbs of the tan cvm… and maybe that’s it! i need more wool :) with the extra time, i might have to dye up some recycled sweater yarn.

so. you can look forward to me babbling about dyeing, since inquiring minds want to know, an all fiber shop update on wednesday (mostly older stuff, but expect the new next week!), and a review of the greener shades dyes, once the week is through and we are further aquainted.

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