garage sale find

we went to the annual regent square garage sale yesterday and surprise! i found a presto chango – a pattern i’ve actually considered making

garage sale find!

i’m pretty sure it’s superwash wool.  it cost $1 and came with a yellow insert.  i’ll have to figure out sizing to come up with who will get this one… and i think i need to change the buttons :)  fun to find a pattern i recognized!  although i always have mixed feelings about the $1 thing.

7 thoughts on “garage sale find

  1. ack! a dollar for a handknit:( I know, I know, it was a garage sale.

    I’ve made that pattern and I love it. I think those smileys detract from the pattern and I have no doubt you’ll find the perfect ones.

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  3. Wow, I honestly hope the maker of that sweater is blissfully ignorant of the fact that the recipient sold it for $1 at a garage sale! I know the buttons you choose will be perfect!

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