the unusuals…

four spinners who answered the survey had spun Cormo.  i have also spun cormo and it’s a lovely buttery spin.  several people thought that love was often an appropriate word for cormo ;)  adrian over at helloyarn made this beauty out of it.

yarn from my first time spinning cormo. i’d certainly spin it differently next time, and i managed to felt some of it while dyeing… so beware. we are soft, silky, lovely, fine, and a good at being felted.
strawberry daiquiri

one person has spun the following… maybe you should join them!
churro in very hairy rolags
targhee roving has nice stretch to it
louisiana native (a bit similar to targhee) rolags and batt I
polwarth – i know my friend meghan has spun and liked this. it’s one of the big purchases for many people who go to SOAR.

CVM – dyed and chain plied
local cvm

according to the lady in ohio who i buy from, CVM is one of the rarest breeds in the US. i really like it and made ben’s driving mitts out of it.
somebody spun it from washed locks and thought it was LOVELY, which just makes me want to spin it from locks myself.
“when I began spinning it was with CMV and I do really like that fiber. In fact I bought a couple bags of it at a fiber fest and I really like how even/fine it spins up on my drop spindle.”
“Spun a small batch of this in roving form-very nice to spin, wanted to be a woolen yarn… farm wool…easy to spin and pleasant on the hands.”

one person has spun the following, maybe you should join them too! wensleydale was loved
polypay was liked
jacob, lincoln, and coopworth were found to be coarse. i liked coopworth… and think it might be a nice first spin for a beginner. it has some grip.
columbia, farm wool locks and roving

three of us have tried cotswold, one person loved it, one person liked the hand dyed farm wool locks, and one thought it was okay.

so. what’s your hankering spinners?  what are you going to try next?  what is your unusual experience up until now?

4 thoughts on “the unusuals…

  1. I just got some icelandic from a vendor at the Waynesburg sheep and fiber thing. I’m itching to start spinning it! Also, non-wool but I have some strick flax that I’m anxious and scared to try.

  2. I have much to learn about different types of wool, luckily I like learning :) So, I’m not sure what wools are unusual. A non-wool unusual that a like to spin is milk fiber (slippery and VERY soft) and some others I have been wanting to try are soy fiber, bamboo, tencel and seacell.

  3. I spun some lightly scoured, farm Gulf Coast wool today, from a hand-carded, rolag preparation (this was at a sheep-to-shawl event). It was interesting. I don’t have tons to compare it to, but I prefer corriedale, I think. This was definitely coarser than anything else I’ve spun before.

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