the day job…

an answer to the question by brokeknits – How do you organize your day? and from Knotty Mouse – I wondered with all of the spinning & knitting you do for shows, how long do you do each per day?

monday may 11th
wake up… check interwebs for emails  while working on/thinking about this blog entry
package up and mail yarn. the post office is only a block away, but i take a loop home in order to get in a walk. today it was raining ever so lightly and there were tons of flowering shrubs in pink, purple, and red-orange.mix dye stock solutions in large amounts.  put some wool on to dye in crock pots.
break – nap, dyeing in crock pots etc for the afternoon
in the evening, the dyed top was dry, so i made striping yarn kits for wednesday’s shop update

my typical day

i also knit a bit on a design in the in-between times.

mostly my days are mix and match:
creative things like designing and matching up colors
meditative things like spinning and knitting
unpredictable and fun things like dyeing, which just makes me want to spin and knit more
balancing things like naps and yoga and cooking
administrative things like ordering stuff and emails

most days, i work to the soundtrack of npr and/or if i really want to just buckle down and concentrate on something like spinning or knitting, librivox is the choice. i can immerse myself in a story and just get stuff done.

so there’s a sample day. that said, here are some other notes.

one of the most important things that i learned at graduate school was to claim my art… that art is my work and the work of art is important. every day my job is to do my good work and do it well.

lately i’ve noticed that i work best in the morning and evening. depending on the day, however, i may work all day, morning and evening, or afternoon and evening. it’s nice to have options.  working from home makes me want to work whenever nothing else is filling my time.  thank the good lord that it’s work i love.

balance is also very important to me. the variety of mix and match above allows me to vary my routine enough that it 1) stays interesting to me and 2) doesn’t hurt my body physically by doing too much of one thing.  which leads into the second question… of how much i knit and spin each day.

my typical day

yesterday i predrafted some roving, but didn’t spin at all.  however, i did knit on a design.  the day before i dyed in crock pots and knit a good portion of the day because i’m excited about said design.  i try not to knit or spin too much too many days in a row since my body does not like it.

another helpful element of the day job that i find crucial is having things to work towards.  on the smallest level, i have to update on wednesdays.  that means having something ready, taking picutres etc.  larger – i need to prepare for shows… and each show is different and i might want something slightly different for each.  spreading out the work and not being exclusive to one part of the job is key to me not killing myself and getting plenty done.  that said, i do go through fazes.  for instance, right now i’m really excited about designing and the crock pot dyeing continues.  next week, i could be excited about spinning (that always follows dyeing) but who knows!  either way, there will be shop update on wednesday ;)

my typical day

10 thoughts on “the day job…

  1. It’s really nice to read about your day. When I was at home doing fiber “full-time”, I just couldn’t stay focused. Now I realize having a schedule is very important and I see how you make it work! I can just imagine you at home busy with fiber all around, a pot of tea and the lines of a book drifting through the air. You make it sound so easy!!

  2. Your average day is something I’m aspiring to. I’m not that productive yet, but I’m working on it! Thanks for the inspiration, as always the knits and yarns are beautiful!

  3. Thanks for such a thoughtful answer. It’s fun to get a peek at someone else’s average day. And what you say about art as your work is so important … I’m still working on that one.

  4. cosy, thanks for that snapshot of your day. it is hard work; working from home on creative pursuits. i have a lot of trouble staying focussed. or, i get hyperfocussed and then I’ve missed picking up the carpool! your colors are amazing! cheers!

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