over 20 people entered the spinning survey, so, as promised, 2 prizes!


and the winners are (with help of the random number generator) maggie and julianna. congrats!! now you have choices to make.

you get either
3 oz of hand dyed ohio cvm top (not dyed yet ;)
4 oz of hand dyed falkland top (for the impatient)
1 4 oz subtle stripes spinning kit – bfl (not dyed yet ;)
or you can wait to decide and see what i bring back from maryland sheep and wool next weekend!

i am planning to start the dye pots up soon, so it shouldn’t be too long on the kits and the cvm.

i will be emailing both of you.

p.s. the cosymakes woolie newsletter for may is here. if you’d like to subscribe, there’s a place in the sidebar on the right.

2 thoughts on “winners!!

  1. Yay!! I cannot believe I won, I’m so excited. In fact, I think that this is officially the first thing I’ve ever won.

    Thank you so much Cosy! Now, to the deciding part…

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