more organizing

most of the yarn is on shelves
the yarn

cleaning always leads to playing – felt good. wools accidentally next to each other are always the most inspiring.  must get back to making hats soon.

buttons! destined never to be all sorted, but somewhat organized. and all in the same place.

and the knitting needles
knitting needles

still some stacks to bust through, but that’s on hold for other things i need to get done. hurrah for spring cleaning!!

11 thoughts on “more organizing

  1. i’ll second that hurrrah. yay for cleaning! looks great, and nothing beats the sense of accomplishment a good organizing session can provide. (i also find cleaning is a great way to productively procrastinate. a few weeks ago i may have spent time scrubbing my stovetop in efforts to keep piles of encroaching library books at bay…)

    happy weekend!

  2. Cosy, it makes me so happy and comforted to see your abundance of yarn, buttons, and needles. I love seeing your element of craft and color.

  3. I am also SO jealous of that yarn and needles stash! The spring cleaning bug has caught me, too and this is the first year I’ve had a big enough yarn stash to actually organize :)

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