the specials

the farm wool has been rolling in lately and i’m hoping to start dyeing it soon.  along with my regular wools are some very special wools… for who else, but my mother-in law?

first, i got my usual batch from my friend cindy at dancing heart farm. white, grey and a bit of tan to over dye. i think one of the things that i like about cindy’s flock is that they seem softer to me than that of farms with larger shetland flocks. anyhow, the specialty fiber:

shetland neck wool

shetland neck wool

shetland neck wool

that is 4 oz of shetland neck wool from bruce the ram. neck wool is what traditional shetland shawls were made out of because it is soft and lovely.

next, i ordered some CVM from yellow creek cottage. i got some white and some grey to over dye here also, and then my mother-in-law ordered this for me to spin for her:



that would be cvm/silk/angora blend. yum! my goal for both of these is, although not lace weight, perhaps something close to fingering or sport? we’ll see how that turns out! and we’ll see when i get around to it…

p.s. if you want some for yourself, i recommend contacting the farms directly.

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