the knitting

katie quickly busted out the rest of this smoke ring (pattern here), so that she could move beyond garish yellow acrylic and start making herself another shawl with some of the yarn we bought on our trip to the yarn store.

katie's smokering

what i think is fabulous about this smoke ring? it’s for a crossing guard in alaska. garish yellow acrylic? perfect.  the trade was also pretty sweet.   and the woman gave katie two skeins of lovely wool from her family’s flock.  she’s supposedly ‘allergic’ to wool.  all the more for us, i say :)

the beginnings

and me, on this little vacation i’ve been knitting too, even though i’ve 3 designs i need to get cracking on this month. i started the pregnancy sweater in some lovely stuff i inherited from flo.  100% wool from green mountain spinnery.  i already altered the gauge a bit and am planning to put the arm holes up higher after reading finished comments on rav.  we’ll see how much i get done before i have to come back into my real life!

9 thoughts on “the knitting

  1. Garish is right, Cosy! I would stop for that.

    By the way, you will look adorable as a pregnant woman. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of you and the Belly.

  2. I haven’t been by in a while and then I drop in and find you’re pregnant!


    Congratulations and warmest blessings to you my friend!

  3. Another great pregnancy and beyond sweater is the Neck Down Wrap Cardigan by Knitting Plain and Simple.

    I knit the Icord longer on mine to accomodate my eventually ginormous belly and then shortened it to a normal length after my son was born.

    Both those sweaters are great nursing sweaters as well and are made even better when a superwash yarn was used and it turns out you have a Chronic Puker!

    Parenthood is just so darn glamourous! ;)

  4. Yeah for Green Mountain Spinnery (and what a nice “inheritance”!) That will make a lovely sweater, and I can’t wait to see a picture of a pregnant Cosy in it – adorable :)

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