i was very silly to think that there might not be much blogging this week.  my mother-in-law (katie) arrived yesterday and already there has been yarn gifting.

love the labels on this one!! there’s certainly a sweater lot of this, although i don’t think i’ll be making myself a sweater out of it ;)

although my current place in the world lacks the vintage yarn i used to find, katie found a batch for me in alaska.  woo hoo!

8 skeins of the baby wool, 7 of the wool/moahair, and 5 of the wine red

buttons sorting.

got these a while ago at a craft swap, along with the yarn below, but never got around to sorting them yet!

finished object showing

katie’s most recent shawl, i spent last night wrapped up in it while too tired to move
katie's shawl
katie's shawl

later today there will be yarn store journeying! i love vacation at home.

6 thoughts on “silly.

  1. Cosy, I am so happy that you and your mother-in-law share a passion and skill for yarn. She sounds great and all of your family sharing has me missing my own crafty mother.

  2. If you are ever feeling up for an adventure in Westmoreland county just east of you, there’s a thrift store in Greensburg that almost always has vintage yarn and lots of other vintage crafty items. It’s the Christian Layman Corps thrift store. They are one of the only thrift stores that has pick-up in the Greensburg area, so they are often the ones that clean out grandma’s attic and take all her treasures to the store, including her yarn stash, needles, books, buttons, etc.. This past summer I found a funky old needle roll stuffed with dozens of pairs of vintage needles. For five bucks (their prices are ridiculously low). 100% of their profits go to helping people in Appalachia, too. :)

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