pipe organ

update  is going up in the shop as i write.  in acknowledgement of my husband’s masters recital on sunday, which has kept him ever so busy for weeks now.  he’s debuting his first major work for organ, several other instruments, and choir.

pipe organ update
1. Bourdon, 2. Gravissima, 3. Aeoline , 4. Ophicleide, 5. Celeste, 6. Piccolo, 7. Gedackt, 8. Posaune, 9. Gamba

p.s. wikipedia has summarized what these words actually mean here.

p.p.s. may be a slow week on the blog.  my mother-in-law is coming which means there could be fibery happenings, but also i may just hang out.

2 thoughts on “pipe organ

  1. Wow.. beautiful! I think the blues & the center green roving are the prettiest – sadly I wasn’t fast enough to catch any of them on the update! (darn those dishes needing to be washed!!)

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