his and hers

ben and i both got new pairs of mitts this winter.

mine are a pair i made for sale, but couldn’t part with – red on red mittlets – which are now coming in very handy with the weather going up and down and up and down.  no drafts up my sleeves, thank you very much.
red on red mittlets

they’re made from hand dyed recycled american eagle outfitter sweater.

red on red mittlets

ben’s mitts came about by 2 ways. first, his hands were always cold when he got out of the car in the winter, so his choir bought him a steering wheel cover… which we weren’t going to put on the car. so, i thought long fingerless mitts – long enough to cover the steering wheel when he curls his hands around it and short enough that he can roll back to use his hands – might be the key.

ben's driving mitts

combine the need with the fact that he snagged this skein of my handspun before i could put it up for sale and voila!

ben's driving mitts

my handspun hand dyed cvm (yum!)
size 8 needles
knit and completed during the pgh knit and crochet festival back in february

ben's driving mitts

7 thoughts on “his and hers

  1. Hi,
    Two questions: I love the mitts you made for Ben. Is the pattern available anywhere?

    Also, is your yarn available anywhere in Pittsburgh? I’m coming there in mid-April and would love to see it in person.


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