subtle stripes yarn kits!

i briefly mentioned this in the last post, but i thought i’d elaborate because i’m kind of excited about these.

i’ve been selling subtly striping yarns for a while now.
subtle striping yarns

that were made to mimic the yarn in this hat
SOAR hat

because i loved it so much.  for handspun yarn party, i put together a bunch of kits so that people can make their own subtly striping yarns.

subtle stripes spinning kits

they include a 2 oz braid of one colorway and 4 1/2 oz buns from other colorways and can be spun one of two ways.

[here there was how to stripe, but i suppose if i want you to buy my kits, i shouldn’t give away all my secrets, eh? ;)]

unfortunately, after baiting you, i only have one in the shop.  but, when i get some energy back and start dyeing again, i promise they’ll be the first thing i make.

p.s. i am dreadfully behind on correspondence of any kind (and google reader, for that matter)… but i wanted to thank you all again for your kind wishes on the pregnancy! besides being tired and food being odd, it’s been going well.

10 thoughts on “subtle stripes yarn kits!

  1. Ahh.. so THAT is how its done! I realize I probably sound like a total dork for saying that but I really couldn’t wrap my brain around the concept. I love your yarns.. the colors are so different from other hand-dyed/spun out there and they go together so well.

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