spring update!

i don’t know about where you are, but where we are spring has finally sprung!  today – sunny and 70.  in celebration, meet today’s update.  luckily, the new dyes are perfect for spring!

spring's here!!

1. sprout, 2. spring has sprung II, 3. spring runoff, 4. tilting axis, 5. dirt, 6. blossom, 7. robin, 8. mulch, 9. birdsong, 10. spring twilight, 11. spring morn, 12. spring has sprung I, 13. grow, 14. warming, 15. daffodil, 16. crocus subtle striping

includes a new product – subtle stripes spinning kits – so that you can make your own striping yarns.

p.s. i’m currently thinking of that which saps all my energy inside me as a daffodil growing – slowly unfolding. gives me a nice visual if nothing else.

6 thoughts on “spring update!

  1. Oh! Congratulations, Cosy! The tired thing comes and goes…just go with it. I hope that the smell of wool doesn’t start to make you woozy… I lost more than 3 months of fiber love thanks to the hypersensitive sniffer. I will cross my fingers for you :)
    Many blessings

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