news! not quite as exciting as yesterdays ;)

aw… thanks for all the pregnancy love!! it made my day.  i knew i couldn’t disappear off of the face of the earth without telling you all. and there’s the weird telling people too early thing. but really! if i stopped blogging you all would know something was up.

homespun yarn party was AWESOME!! truly a one of a kind event… where, despite how tired i was, a managed to meet several fiber artists i’ve wanted to meet for a long time. i will be going back

my one purchase from loop. can’t wait until i too can make pretty batts.
loop batts

i’ve also re-made the ravelry group to include my yarns, rovings, and other patterns.  plus a special section for shop updates.  so the question is, do i make you all join the rav group to get the update reminder (i made a thread) or would you like me to keep reminding here?  i’ve worked pretty hard to keep advertising off of the blog, but then again, it’s the only way i kind of advertise so… any opinions? i could go either way.

10 thoughts on “news! not quite as exciting as yesterdays ;)

  1. I’d like you to keep reminding me on the blog. I check your blog every day but I am not in the habit of checking ravelry. You should do both!

  2. I think you should post reminders here on your blog.. as far as I see it, your business is part of your life and you shouldn’t have to separate one from the other. I come here to see what you are working on and where you are going to set up your wares, so reminders & “advertising” are totally acceptable. I’m looking forward to being able to purchase some of your hand-dyed roving one of these days!

  3. Frankly, I’d miss seeing all of your new stuff if you were to take ALL advertising off the blog. <3 That being said, this is your blog, and your space to do with what you wish. Your readers won’t mind, whatever you do, I’m sure.

    I wonder, if you wanted to spend less space, etc. on advertising on the blog, if one of those little Twitter gizmos might do the trick. That would be a nifty little reminder.

    Finally, congrats regarding being preggers and all! I didn’t check in yesterday, and I missed the big news, darnit! Much love…

  4. I missed the big news post yesterday.
    Congratulations! :)

    Your work is always so lovely to look at, I don’t think anyone would mind it cropping up more on the blog.

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