piles, plies, pliees

ben has been gone since last wednesday, which pretty much means wool has taken over the house.  i’m horrible when i’m working, as i’m sure you could tell by how the yarn room gets so crazy. i really really need a studio. one larger than 6X8 feet ;)

this pile is in the extra room – office – tv room – etc.

anyhow, that means that today – besides taking photos for tomorrow’s shop update – i need to make the house livable for the non wool obsessed. here are a couple of photos of some of the piles of work i’ve gotten done while ben has been gone.

this pile is in the bedroom

it’s sunny here in pittsburgh. from feeling like 3 degrees with windchill to mid 50s by the end of the week. crazy weather.

have a great day!

5 thoughts on “piles, plies, pliees

  1. At least you guys missed the nor’easter! I would love to see giant piles of wool in the corners of my home, I guess that makes me wool obsessed too though;)

  2. *I’m dreaminggggg of a briiiiiight studiooooo…with lots of sunshine streaming in…with wool over yonderrrrrr, where I can ponderrrrrr…my next kick-ass fiber aaaaaaaaart…*

    me too ;)

  3. I feel like if I walked into your house right now I could just throw myself into any corner and be cushioned by clouds of fluffy wool. It’s kind of nice to think about!

    I love the colors that you used to dye these. All that braided roving is making me want to dig up my spindle, too!

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