question number three comes from kai, one of my SOAR friends.

she asked how i came up with my personal style.

my glasses

i would say that unique things have always attracted me. this may have to do with my mother. while growing up, we regularly went garage sale-ing, looking for the new and exciting find. i also feel like this has a deeper connection. i inherited my creativity from my mom and what feeds this creativity, style-wise, is finding new and interesting things to wear and surround myself with.  my mom did not apply her creativity quite the same way :D

me and my supernova

i also think that objects can have depth due to the place they take in history, or the person who owned them before me.  that makes the item all the more interesting to me. another thing that certainly didn’t discourage my crazy hair dyeing, glass frame buying, thrift store shopping self, was that my parents didn’t really care about surface stuff, as long as i had good grades and was a good kid.

all that said, i no longer sacrifice for fashion, so the question might be now, do i have much style?!?  ha!

4 thoughts on “stylin’

  1. I love your glasses! And your style, generally. I often wonder what, if anything, constitutes my “style”…I don’t sacrifice for fashion, either!

  2. I applaud your individuality Cosy. While growing up if anyone was different from the norm we were picked on terribly so I learned to blend in. At 35 I am trying to overcome this and be myself!

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