this blog post…

is brought to you by the colors green and purple.

i’m going to get back to the next question soon, in the meantime, i thought i’d just give you a short update of things i’ve been doing.

elizabeth zimmermann’s pi shawl from recycled alpaca. yum!

hi! you can see my yos, but i’m not at all accurate color-wise
pi shawl

past knitting.  aw… look at this cutie! thanks for the pics mama.

watching for:
handspun being knit. too fun!
a nice tam made out of some cosySpins handspun… and a scarf! by the same talented knitter… and a couple more hats over here. and the rav link with better colors, but no cute people wearing them.

looking forward to:
homespun yarn party. i was featured on the blog recently, so scroll down to find me. a unique event that should prove to be fabulous.

homespun yarn party

20 some lbs of falkland wool, 10 lbs of brown sheep mill ends

up my dye stocks so i can try my greener shades dyes.


a bit of cvm, because i love it. smells good. feels good. yum! and some other bits and bobs that are just hanging around.

bits and bobs

oh!  and publishing:
my newest newsletter and accidentally calling it the february newsletter again ;)

p.s. tomorrow is a fiber arts saturday here at my house, so if i remember i’ll take photos of the happenings.  now i need to go cook the beans for one of the soups.

5 thoughts on “this blog post…

  1. I just filled out my application to get an account with Greener Shades. I’m so excited! It will be nice to be able to use those dyes on my organic top. I don’t know how long it will be before I get them so I look forward to hearing how they work for you. :)

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