thank you!

aw… so many sweet comments. i just wanted to drop a note today to say thank you for all of the support and for celebrating with me!

purples have been showing up this week

after all, who else would i celebrate with?  imagine telling those the yarn harlot calls muggles about your article on recycling thrift store sweaters in a knitting magazine.  i’m not sure i’d get the reaction i was going for ;)

have a great day!

4 thoughts on “thank you!

  1. more hoorays for you! this line “baby what a dream” keeps moving through my head, sort of with a new yorker accent, I think its from a movie and I can’t think which, but it just sounds right for this occasion!

  2. Definitely! Some people do NOT get it at all. Congrats on your article. :D

    Speaking of “not getting it”, someone at work asked me if we take guns to Pennsic! (for ‘protection’) Wah? She was the same one who couldn’t believe that a man had knit my socks. She had to tell everyone about it. They said, “Now I’ve heard everything.” What about that period in history when men were paid to knit?

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