Button Back Mitts

Button Back Mitts

When my friend Carrie requested some dog-walking mitts to match a hat I made her, she mentioned that she sometimes needed her fingers. I made this mitt as a compromise between fingerless mitts and full mittens. Cute and fancy, but also practical.

Yarn: color 1 – worsted weight wool, color 2 – aran weight wool

Gauge: 1 – 4.5 sts/in, 2 – 5 sts/in

Needles: size 7 US (4.5 mm) double-pointed needles or a long circular for magic loop, or whatever size you need to get gauge.

Sizes: medium 7.5 in. (19.1 cm) around (large 8 in. (20.3 cm) around)

when you click on the button below and follow through on the payment, a two page automatic download in pdf format will be delivered to your email address.


Button Back Mitts

10 thoughts on “Button Back Mitts

  1. Brilliant! I need to whip some copycats up right away to use whilst reading and waiting for the El. Nothing is worse than trying to turn a book page in mittens… Happy almost Spring!

  2. Wow,those are great. Much better than pulling your sleeves down over your fingers like I do, I really need to make a pair of those.

  3. i just found these on ravelry and i absolutely LOVE them. your work is amazing- just really fun & funky. i found you on ravelry, then looked for your book in borders (i think) and was so excited to see that you are from Missoula. i live in Bozeman w/ my hubby and our baby girl! i have a copy of your book now too, YAH! i just have to find it, i hid it somewhere so my daughter wouldn’t rip out pages- she loves it too :)

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