today in the mail i got this fabulous magazine…

yarn forward

that shannon okey has just recently become editor of. fabulous you ask? YES! it’s beautiful and it’s the green issue, which of course pulls my heartstrings.

i may be a bit biased in other ways though, because…

my article in yarn forward :)

surprise! goes well with the fact that i’m going to be doing a sweater recycling workshop towards the end of march. i even took my own pics for the article.  yay!  my first article.

22 thoughts on “article!

  1. Cool! Congratulations on the article. Sweater recycling has become my new favorite hobby. The hunt, the kill…and the curing of fibers with cake dye and kool-aid…

  2. Congratulations, Cosy. This magazine looks like a nice fit for your passions. I like that you share your “brags.” It is nice having cool, thrifty, entrepreneur friends.

  3. Dear Cosy,
    it just shows that you are one the right way :-) You reminded me, and I knit the sweetest February baby sweater of great recycled wool. Reuse, recycle… Thanks.

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