the drum carder…

… has been installed! now to clean up the floor of the yarn room so that i can actually access it.  balls of yarn fall off of shelves and in my creative flurry i may or (ahem) may not pick them back up. sometimes they even landslide :/

drum carder

of course you can’t install something as fun as a drum carder and not try a batt on it! falkland+farm wool shetland scraps=a cute little purpley bun. awww.  i may have to spin it long draw later on today.

have a great weekend! another new pattern coming your way monday.

6 thoughts on “the drum carder…

  1. I must have one someday!
    But you mean all your woolen creatures in the past wer made without drumcarding fibres?????
    I have a pair of handcarders that works great for some jobs, but that’s definitely different!

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