color combining

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margie over at the buzz A roni blog asked what my favorite color combination is.

currently the fave is homeland inspired – green pines and blue blue skies, plus a bit of dirt/bark throw in is good
green and blue

and another old standby – because valentines is soon – purple and red and or red and pink
red and purple

what about you? has any color combo been haunting you lately?

11 thoughts on “color combining

  1. Lately I’ve been really drawn to grey; I love a deep, slate grey combined with a bright punch of color. It might be because I chose slate grey and bright yellow for wedding colors?

  2. chocolate brown with pretty pastels like robin’s egg blue, buttercup yellow, sage green, and cherry blossom pink

    that and anything reddish-pinky-purpley-orangish, yum!

  3. I’m always stuck on blue/yellow/green and orange/yellow/green. After a while you can only come up with so many sea/sky related names or vegetable related names.

  4. I’m hopeless with colour combo’s until I see them. So I like your pinks/reds etc and your eart colours are fab too.

    I do do single colours though. :D Green, Red, Black, Pink.

  5. I am crazy for red/teal lately. I’ve also got a slate blue tank top I wear under everything and love watching how colors play with it, especially my orange cashmere scarf.

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