favorite fo(s)

first of all, thanks for all of your questions over at the question game! feel free to keep on asking if you come up with something.

abby asked about what my favorite FO is and why. i am going to cheat a bit on this one… and give you an FO that is from someone else’s pattern and one that is one of my own creations.

for my own creation, i choose the waterlily hat
waterlily hat

this is made out of some very early handspun and hand dyed yarn. it was back in the beginning when i was just a beginning spinner and dyer… and i was just figuring out how knitting could be creative and interesting. this hat symbolizes to me the fresh new world that sprung upon me at the beginning of the fiber arts career. here’s a modeled shot and some detail.

as to my favorite from another’s pattern, i must say the feather and fan triangle shawl (original entry)
feather and fan triangle shawl

i just started making another of these, but this one will always be my favorite. it turned out so well, i loved the pattern. garter+feather and fan? how can i resist. what i think makes it most special to me is the fact that it was the perfect combination of pattern, yarn, and recipient.  the yarn was a recycled sweater that my friend sarah mailed to me – soft, lovely, and a great color – and the very proud and happy recipient was my grandma. she is a very distinctly picky woman who i thought i would never find the perfect knit for.  kismet! when she’s not wearing it, it is thrown over the back of the couch.

so. what is your favorite fo(s)?

3 thoughts on “favorite fo(s)

  1. The color combinations on the shawl work really well together, especially that little purple accent.

    I might have to start that feather and fan scarf I’ve been planning soon.

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