looking up

i’m so horrid at remembering to take photos of real live things. as in, i taught my first private spinning lesson yesterday and didn’t even get a photo of her and her lovely yarn. (hi naomi :)

fine shetland

i guess i’m good at taking photos of yarn because it stays still and i can do it on my time.

she was also the first person to get her hands on some of my hand dyed roving.


these are two rovings she bought, and i’ve one more of each going to the festival with me.

so.  appparently i sell roving :)

i also have a new partner in crime to apply to big craft fairs with.

and my parents agreed to give me a small loan so i can open up a wholesale account.

i am one thankful girl today.


have a great wekend!

p.s. one of your questions… answered soon ;)

4 thoughts on “looking up

  1. Lovely roving. I’m hoping our IRS refund arrives in time for the Pgh Knit and Crochet fest. I’ve been wanting to try shetland. I’m currently spinning some corriedale and it’s great.

  2. Hey, I had such a fun time learning ! Cosy is such a fantastic teacher. Thank you again.

    And the roving………….it’s even more beautiful in person when you can pet it ;)

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