the question game

so. i might be the most boring person in the world right now.  every day i spin or dye.  all i talk about is spinning.  it was a horrible time to join twitter because i… well… spin.  if you’re reading this for artistic content, i promise i’ll get back to that some day.  hopefully soon.

that said and so that i don’t talk about spinning CONSTANTLY,  here’s a new game to spice up the blog.  ask me a question.  i’m thinking right now that i’ll answer one or two questions a week until i run out.  that way i can  intersperse it with the spinning stuff – and therefore not make you non-spinners want to unsubscribe :D

no rules as to what you can ask about, but i do get veto power.  and non-spinners, if lots of people ask spinning questions, i’ll answer them too.

23 thoughts on “the question game

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  2. Whats your favorite restaurant (or restaurants)in Pittsburgh? My favorite restaurant of all time is Fuel and Fuddle in Oakland. I am absolutely addicted to their nachos (no meat, extra salsa)and really can not even describe how much I love them. Many of my favorite restaurants and favorite foods are in pittsburgh so I had to ask!

  3. what is it that makes your toes curl up in excitement? (within reason) perhaps we could expand it to a) fibre related and b) not fibre related…;-)

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  7. How do you organize your day? Or: what’s your typical day like? I also work at a non-office, non-regulated (except by me) job (as a grad student) and am always curious about how other people get stuff done.

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  9. My question is similar to Brokeknits (the poster above) but its more specific to knitting & spinning. I wondered with all of the spinning & knitting you do for shows, how long do you do each per day?

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  12. I am also interested in hearing your thoughts on dyeing. What are your dye methods and set-up like? I am weary of using acid dyes at home because of their toxicity, how do you make sure you’re dyeing safely with dyes that are not food-safe?

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