it is only appropriate…

that during the superbowl i am spinning up a 16 oz commission for a pittsburgher.


hardest color to catch on camera.  grey and grey blue.  but with grey purples and browns (made by red) and grey green.


for those of you who can’t believe i’m watching, i don’t actually care. but everyone around me does and, frankly, the stillers are much much more than a football team to this town. lets just hope our little honda civic doesn’t get turned over in the street after the victory.  apparently last time they won it was pandemonium.

p.s. i’m also on twitter now if you’ve any need for knowing mundane details of my life and thoughts, you can follow me here.

4 thoughts on “it is only appropriate…

  1. Cosy~ i like that you watch the game. we are rooting for the cardinals. mostly, though, i just want a close, clean game. like a shave!

    by the way, this post about gray and purple is timely b/c i am 80% sure we will repaint our bedroom using those colors. ha!

  2. Is that really how they refer to the team there, the “Stillers”? That’s pretty funny. We too have the game on – and I’m spinning some Columbia to fill in the time before I take a little couch nap.

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