my dad

the first thing the man said when he saw his socks was something to the effect of ‘they’re going to make fun of me.’


and then i asked my mom if he was going to wear them anyway and she said yes :)

dad's log cabin

and so, the next dad gift, a log cabin afghan.  for next christmas.  i figured this one might take a while, and my friend camille spurred it on by giving me a copy of mason-dixon knitting.  although i must admit, as with all scrappy things, it is quite addictive.  i had red and orange in it at one point.  heels and toes, yes.  blanket?  i’ll be trying to stick to greens, blues, and browns.

anyone else knit a log cabin?

8 thoughts on “my dad

  1. haven’t seen that pattern but I’ve been musing on doing something very similar — what are you doing, picking up stitches along each edge to knit each block? or is each block knit individually and then sewn (please say no)?

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