new years resolution?


as promised, handspun mittens. a sample for the knit and crochet festival.

paris sidewalk mittens

these took just over 2 oz of yarn.
from this skein – paris sidewalk
paris sidewalk

which just hung around too long, and therefore got knit by me.

US wool, women’s medium.

paris sidewalk mittens

continuing with my needle issues, i showed up at knitting on tuesday and found that i had three size 9 dpns, and one size 10.5…  i sure wasn’t going home for the other size nine.

next up: a sample scarf. i also want to do a sample neckscarf (the one from my book maybe?) and maybe some fingerless mitts. handspun is too much fun to knit with.

9 thoughts on “new years resolution?

  1. How’d you know I’m going through a mitten phase??? I know just the yarn I’m goign to use for my mittens. I love how your has sunny bright spots to remind us that summer’s coming up….eventually.

  2. These are so pretty! I love the stripes. They are so warm and inviting! I’m knitting a pair of mittens with handspun right now. It really is a whole different animal from commercial yarn.

    Have you considered selling your hand dyed roving in your shop? I’m just saying I’d probably be a customer. :)

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