ode to a pet skein

one of my pet skeins was actually turned into something (ahem) useful… rather than just this

natasha's handspun

loose garter stitch with eyelet rows thrown in for fun.

corriedale and locks scarf

i started this one right before bazbiz cleveland (early december)

corridale and locks lace scarf

finished it the other night

corriedale and locks scarf

the ends also have some flare to them

corriedale and locks scarf

and now i wear it with my red coat… because red on red over red under red with a bit of pink thrown in is to my liking…

corriedale and locks scarf

as is this dusting of snow we finally got

have a great day!! more red to come tomorrow :)

10 thoughts on “ode to a pet skein

  1. Mmmmm, red. Yummy.

    The snow was a little slow in coming this year, wasn’t it? I might be crazy but I hope it sticks around some more. Red and white go so well together :)

  2. I love red and tones of red on red are the best, you wear it well! We are getting close to the red holiday next month and I look forward to more red!

  3. so pretty! at first when you said “pet skein” I thought you meant dog or cat hair yarn, as for some reason I’ve heard about that like 3 times this week :) love the red on red!

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