new years…

bring new things.

first off, thanks for all of the love for elena’s cardigan!  it’s funny how you sometimes don’t really get what something is looking like until you do the finishing.  pre-finishing, i thought it was cute – but with post finishing – adorable.  sweet. the perfect shades of green.  oh la.  i highly recommend the pattern.

anyhow, two sweet potatoes, knit as samples for a beginning colorwork class i’m teaching later this month at the north store.  i tried to use yarns people can actually get ;)

cascade 220 and kathmandu aran – 18 mo.-4 yr.
sweet potato

and more classes! these ones through the PCC
Beginning Knitting on the 21st of January
and Spindling on the 18th.

the new lamb’s pride superwash bulky – 0-6 mo.
sweet potatoes

so, new things.  i quit my small cleaning job and am trying to teach more instead.  i’m also setting up a newsletter for those interested in where i’m vending and what classes i’m teaching.  i haven’t quite figured it out yet though… but trust me, you’ll hear about it when i do ;)

hope the new year brings you bright new things.

and, selfishly, i hope this whole teaching thing works out!  i’m nervous and excited all at once – and i think i tell you that about something once a week.  ha!

4 thoughts on “new years…

  1. I love love love them!

    I’ve been wanting to knit a sweater using that particular kind of colorwork. It amuses me to no end that it is sometimes called the Norwegian Lice Pattern!

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