fibery road trip

yesterday lauren and i went on a half day adventure in answer to a craigslist ad. i, after this lovely

large louet drum carder

lauren, after a table loom.

and lisa, who i know, but didn’t know was due to arrive the same time we were, to get her new spinning wheel!

i’m also super psyched about this stack of spin off magazines… there’s a couple i have already, but most i don’t!


let the drum carding begin… after february 15th, that is :)

p.s. and at an antique store in a small town i also got some buttons!  awesome day.

4 thoughts on “fibery road trip

  1. Oh, you took the magazines! I’m glad they found a good home. She asked me if I wanted them, but I am trying to purge my own magazine stash and couldn’t bear to add any more to the stacks! LOL Happy carding! :)

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