happy mittens

with cold hitting much of the US, it’s good to know us knitter’s are keeping our hands (and those of our loved ones) warm!

hadley’s mittens and amy’s mittens. click those links!

it is so much fun as i sell more yarns to see them come back in all sorts of forms.

here’s me using other people’s handspun in some handy knits

other's handspun

1 self striping handspun from folktale fibers
2 hand dyed 2-ply by pieces of string too small to save
3 thick and thin merino single by cityspun
4 funky art yarn, including denim! from knittydirtygirl

have you knit mittens with handspun? i’d love a link. and even more, i think we should all make the world a better place by resolving to knit mittens with handspun this year ;)

that wouldn’t be so painful, would it?

happy new year!

8 thoughts on “happy mittens

  1. I am willing to commit to this handspun mittens idea once I’ve finished the pair I started last month are done. I couldn’t help myself, I can’t spin that fine yet and the pattern it called to me.

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