susanna’s sweater

my sweet friend sarah, who learned to spin and dye with me in Vancouver, had a beautiful little one earlier this month.

susanna's sweater

variation on the february baby sweater from the knitter’s almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann. so many beautiful variations. i think i was first struck by the one linked to so above. then she did this one and i saw a couple more and i was sunk… apparently without knowing it, since i already knit a sweater i was going to send to sarah.  nope.  it wasn’t meant to be.

susanna's sweater

susanna was born while i was away at a craft fair, dreaming that this skein wouldn’t sell so i could knit this sweater for her! then she came into the world, the skein didn’t sell and i knit this in 3 days and quickly put it in the mail – almost before i snapped pics.

corriedale farm wool
from the midwest, bought at maryland sheep and wool
spun semi-worsted
meaning it kept some of its fluff and much softness just from the fact that it was originally roving rather than top

see the fuzz?

susanna's sweater

it was soft before it’s eucalan bath, but even softer afterwards.

susanna's sweater

to be a december baby must be a glorious thing. susanna, may you be warm and blessed.

7 thoughts on “susanna’s sweater

  1. December baby… when I was born in December my grandfather broke his arm in the hospital parking lot.

    Glad the skein didn’t sell so you could play with it instead. :D

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