grandma nellie’s ginger snaps

last night was the first of the knitting night classes at my house and i promised cookies! so i made a double batch of my very favorite holiday cookie.

grandma nellie's ginger snaps

i grew up on this cookie – a recipe passed on by my great grandmother. my mom made huge batches and stored them in the freezer during the wintery christmasy months. that said, i guarantee you that the recipe originally came off of the back of something – maybe blue bonnet? or crisco? but i’ve now changed that to good old butter… which might make them even more addictive.

~3/4 c butter
~1 c sugar
~1/4 c dark molasses
~1 egg
~2 c sifted all purpose flour
~2 tsp baking solda
~1 tsp cinnamon
~1/2 tsp cloves
~1/2 tsp ginger
~1/2 tsp salt

cream together the butter and sugar. add the molasses and egg – beat well. sift together all the rest of the ingredients. add them to the first mixture. when it is mixed well, chill it.

form batter into 1 in. balls, roll in granulated sugar and place on a greased cookie sheet two inches apart. bake at 375 F, 6-8 min.

and once again, i never make a single batch :)

enjoy and happy holidays!

p.s. and the batter? personally, i think it’s better than the cookies… mmm.

16 thoughts on “grandma nellie’s ginger snaps

  1. So you teach people to knit AND give them cookies? Those are some lucky students :-) Thanks for sharing the recipe- I do love homemade gingersnaps! I sometimes put a little bit of white pepper in there- gives them a tiny bit more “snap.”

  2. I had a huge baking day yesterday and wish I would have seen these before then! My husband loves the ginger, so I might have to go even further into sweets overload and crank out some of these too…

  3. I baked up your recipe today. I have celiac disease and couldn’t taste the snaps, but the hubs tells me they are delicious. Ginger snaps are real comfort cookies and the aroma of them in the oven gives me a boost. Thanks!

  4. Ok. These cookies are *awesome*. I made a double batch, and ended up with almost 10 dozen cookies… I will not tell you how many dozen disappeared into our tummies immediately, because I’m sure you can guess. :) Thanks for sharing such a delicious recipe – this is going to be a holiday staple from now on!

  5. Cosy… the smallies and I will make these, eat them with tea and think of you after we are finished with our Christmas Tree… Vancouver is under a blanket (12 inches! seriously) of snow… so we are house bound… not a bad thing ;-)

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