winter woolies i’ve spotted

warning! ravelry links.

meghan’s twirly girl bonnet is the first i’ve seen on a head – made of handspun and recycled sweater yarn.  go meghan!  i think she might be addicted to sweater recycling ;)  i tell you i’m like a disease.

berry bramble embroidery from the book
berry bramble hat

check out this berry bramble – so beautiful!! great yarn choice

and the first snow cat hat i’ve seen. love that it’s made out of a breed specific wool

and here’s a sea colored root vegetable and stripey one. mmmm.

and the first yellow bells jester i’ve seen. i’ve been digging blue and green together lately.

lastly, a super cutie wearing a scrap-happy here,

there’s a list in the knit one, embellish too ravelry forums with links to interesting embellishments we’ve spotted if you’re interested.

p.s. if you’re in my area and want a spinning wheel, i found this on craigslist this morning.

p.p.s. i’m so FREAKING slow at updating the shops. but today i listed the first of the book knits!! more hats and more yarns. sorry i’m so slow.

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