bazbiz cleveland

whew. done with the last show of the season.

we had a great time. friday we had almost a full day playing with wool.  much like me, gwen’s been trying to get advanced spinning training for a while and so it was nice to pass on my SOAR knowledge.  we also dyed a bit.

the show ran saturday and sunday.  here’s gwen behind the table before the show began on the first day.

bazbiz cleveland

as to the show, it was well organized, a really nice crowd and super vendors.

bazbiz cleveland

thanks for the fabulous company and hospitality, gwen (and rich)!


next on the agenda:
-babies have been born. they need sweaters.
-work on the reflection and twilight designs (test knitting for sizing…)
-submit designs to an on-line mag (due beginning of january)
-christmas gifts (to alleviate stress no one gets anything til january anyhow…)
-dye local wool that has been coming in big boxes to my house
-knit samples for a few classes i’ll be teaching at the yarn store in january.

but before all that – update the etsy shops with everything else!! a fiber artist’s work is never done :)

p.s. if you’d like to change your feed, i bought! and so all of you reading the wordpress version are getting redirected.

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