grown up hats

more bazbiz

once again, i will invite you to flickr if you want any specs. some of these will get blogged about later, but for now this will have to do.  as a side note i LOVE  love the snow flurries one.

also, the last of the spinning.

falkland wool – i noticed i didn’t have much blue in the first batch of handspun for this show.


a giant skein


and some ohio shetland farm wool i found at the yarn store in columbus. i was so very excited to find this since i’d run out of my friend cindy’s.

sheltand farm wool

just a heads up – when i come home from bazbiz, i will be listing EVERYTHING in the etsy shop, including some of the book knits – i.e. the actual one-of-a-kind object from the book. those will, of course, cost a bit more ;)

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